Philippe holds a Master's Degree in International Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, University College along with a two years University Degree (DUT) in France.

Born in France, Philippe spent 12 years in the US in the telecommunications industry. As his company moved into Europe, Philippe developed the policies used by the international transferees and managed the relocation process for each one of them.
"I have lived through the entire relocation process myself and have assisted many through it as well. It is a determining moment in everyone's life which must be handled with care and understanding. My life experience, completed by my International studies is bringing its foundation to BH International approach to Customer Service".


Isabelle has found homes for more of BH's client than anyone in our company, throughout the last 10 years. She is our resident expert in determining budget and affordability for the expat.  Isabelle has worked with us since 2000 and has expats requesting her by name.


Linda’s extensive experience in real estate –especially the rental market – makes her a perfect compliment to the team.  Her excellent English language skills are honed from her muti-year stays abroad.  She is a top performer on the research team and does whatever it takes to make sure the expectations are met or exceeded.


Florence has a very pleasant disposition and is very well liked.  We rely on her many valuable contacts and relationships daily.  Florence manages to do the impossible with housing searches.  She’s the record holder for the most installations in the shortest period of time.  Florence has a sincere and genuine like of people and the expats always comment on her friendly attitude.


Martine has been working for nearly 20 years in the relocation industry. BH has received some of its best customer feedbacks. Martine has found some of the most amazing and lovely homes in the Paris area.


Camille has worked many years in the pharmaceutical industry. She loves Paris and loves showing it to her customers. She has extensive knowledge of the market and can be counted on to provide the perfect response to the housing needs of BH's customers.


Corinne has lived in Singapore and London and has a hands-on knowledge of the challanges faced by transferres arriving in France, finding a home, schools and settle down into a new life.



Founded by Hugette CAPMAS in 1986, BH International has continued her standards of committment and professionalism in assisting expatriates in France ever since.

For over 30 years, B.H.INTERNATIONAL has successfully assisted companies from the complicated issues of relocating expatriate managers and employees to France. Supported by the confidence, trust and fidelity of its customers, B.H.INTERNATIONAL has, throughout the years, provided support for easy relocations of hundreds of families from all over the world

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