Our management and housing research team is experienced, accredited, respected and uniquely qualified to provide consistent, quality-driven and cost effective solutions to your company. Collectively over 50 years in this business and backed with our professional multi-lingual staff, BH International - Relocation EZ genuinely has the credentials to place us at the head of our competition. Being expats ourselves allows you to benefit from our experience.

Thanks to the long-established relationship with the local rental market providers, we have the most up-to-the minute market offerings and French mother-tongue experts for negotiations. We are the resident experts in Paris and the French market place and we speak plain English. We help take the mystery out of this portion of the incoming expats needs and, in so doing, return them to work as quickly and stress free as possible.

We provide Full Circle Assistance, from Entry to Departure. Working as an extention to your HR or Mobility Departments, we employ an effective and efficient approach, thus eliminating the need for multiple calls and emails. This enables action within hours – not days.

Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service for expatriates before, during and after their assignment in France .

For over 30 years, B.H.INTERNATIONAL has successfully assisted companies from the complicated issues of relocating expatriate managers and employees to France. Supported by the confidence, trust and fidelity of its customers, B.H.INTERNATIONAL has, throughout the years, provided support for easy relocations of hundreds of families from all over the world

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